5 tips for brides to look extra gorgeous In their wedding photos

While this definitely isn’t the most important thing to remember on the wedding day, I couldn’t help but pile this list together for brides. I hope this list will help so many women feel super confident and beautiful not only on their wedding day, but in their wedding photos as well! Here are my 5 tips to look extra gorgeous in your wedding photos!

  1. Remember good posture.

This tip is a good one. So many people (especially me) have terrible posture. Even standing! As a photographer, I see this so much and now it’s something I pay attention to even more than I used to. Standing tall with your shoulders back makes people not only look more attractive but it does wonders for body language also!

  1. Avoid the double chin.

Ahh, the dreaded double chin. It’s a problem for so many so if you struggle with this, don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone. My advice is to elongate your neck slightly and stick out your chin a bit as well. It feels like it looks stupid but I promise it doesn’t. When a bride or groom tell me they are worried about this in their photos I do a few things to avoid it but this is always the first thing I recommend!

  1. Give your lashes a boost!

You guys. I say this to all of my brides. Don’t skimp on the mascara. In fact, if you want to wear falsies or have your lashes professionally done, I would totally recommend it! Literally, the extra length does WONDERS for your face and eyes. I love it when brides pay extra special attention to their eyes because I’m constantly focusing on eyes in photos. Also, usually, when people look at a photo, the eyes are the first place they look in a photograph.

  1. Do the hip-dip-angle pose.

Ya, this one is a doozy guys and much easier to show in person than to write on a blog post. Once you have it down though you will instantly do it in every photo because IT WORKS. So basically, you angle your body at a 45 degree angle from the camera and with your feet together bend your leg closest to the camera. Then shift your hips away from the camera so you can shift your weight to your back leg. The final step is to put your hand on your hip (the one closest to the camera). The hand on the hip makes the arm closest to the camera appear skinnier because it is not hanging/pushed next to your torso and it also allows space to see a waist line behind it. If you are adding in the double chin trick from above with this pose then congratulations you are now a posing master. Celebrities actually do this on the red carpet all the time so definitely check that out for a good reference and other ideas!

  1. Book the right photographer.

A good portrait photographer can understand great lighting, get creative angles and composition. A great portrait photographer understands how to pose their clients and take beautiful photos of them looking stunning. In my opinion, I know no matter how much I like a photo, if my client doesn’t like how they look in it, it will most likely sit in their gallery without ever being shared or printed. I believe, just like art students practice drawing the human form, that photographers should understand how to pose people so they look their best. I’m also not saying I have my clients stop and pose for every photo but I do listen to my clients about their concerns and remember to highlight how beautiful and happy my couples are before I start snapping away. So many photographers mention how artistic they are but fail to prioritize being conscious about how their clients look. When you’re searching for the perfect photographer for your wedding, find someone who mentions how they serve their couples this way.

Ultimately, people want to look good in photographs and finding the right photographer along with the other steps I mentioned means you are going to be beyond gorgeous in your photos. While not every photo and angle is going to be the best, try not to worry about this so much on the wedding day. I like to remind my couples that on such a happy day there is no way you’re not going to look perfect. So enjoy yourself, and leave the rest of it to me.


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