5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Look Expensive on a Budget

Let’s be real. Weddings get expensive and fast. If you’re like most, you are probably wanting to do as much as you can for as little as possible. Aren’t we all?? Once you have figured out your budget you will need to be very strategic about stretching it as far as it can go. Here are 5 tips I have to make your wedding look expensive on a budget!

1. Talk with your Florist.

While having an abundance of florals everywhere can make your wedding look like a million bucks, this is not always feasible for everyone. If your goal is to decorate with as many florals as possible, talk with your florist about what type of flowers you can use to stay in budget. Different flowers have different costs and choosing the right ones will help you get the look you want! This also might mean that not every inch of space has actual flowers, but maybe you have lots of greenery to decorate your reception and ceremony with!

2. Find the *right* venue.

While my wedding day was beautiful, this was a mistake my husband and I made that I would change if I could. We found a cheaper “venue” and thought we were saving so much money by holding our wedding there instead of at a more expensive traditional venue. This decision ultimately came back to bite us because we had to spend even more money to decorate our venue when we could have chosen a nicer venue that needed less decor because it was beautiful on its own.

3. Don’t get swept up in the extras.

There are so many little decor items you think you need on a wedding day and really all of that stuff is just little odds and ends that ultimately will not make that big of an impact on the overall look of your day. Be careful with the knick-knacks because they can be pretty pricey. If you want to bring in some decor pieces, look around your home or go to a flea market for items that can complement the style of your wedding day! Maybe talk with friends and relatives and see if they have any ideas for decor! They might even have some things lying around that would be perfect! Furthermore, stylistic minimalism can be a huge win on the overall look of your day and might be even classier than you expected!

4. Think twice about the guest list.

Not many people realize how expensive even one extra guest can be. The more you limit the number of people coming, the more you will be able to save overall on the wedding day. Food, linens, and other rentals all go up the more people you invite so make sure you plan ahead and maybe opt for something a little more on the modest size.

5. Talk to your photographer.

This might be an unusual tip but it’s one of those you will be so thankful you did. This isn't a tip for the actual styling of the day but more for the look of your images afterward. If you plan on posting your images online, chances are, a lot of eyeballs will be seeing your beautiful day. If there is an area you don’t want to be highlighted in your wedding photos let your photographer know your concerns. He or she might have some suggestions and can photograph your day in a way where that area of your venue can possibly be avoided. A good photographer already has this in the back of their mind anyway and is always looking for beautiful angles and ways to highlight how gorgeous your day is.

Overall, weddings are usually an expensive affair but being diligent about your budget upfront and what you two can afford will make the whole journey easier! In the end, remember what the true reason for this day is for and what really matters for you two. Happy planning!


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