What is a bridal session?

I hear this question a lot from inquiring couples and even with its popularity among brides, there is still a bit of confusion around this topic! I find this sort of session is very common with southern brides but even some couples are puzzled about this service and that’s totally okay! Now, every photographer is different so it’s important to keep this in mind, but today I wanted to share what my definition is of a bridal session!

A bridal session is an additional shoot before the wedding where the bride wears her wedding dress so she can get additional photographs of her wearing all of her wedding attire before the wedding. As a photographer, I typically schedule these around one to two months before the wedding after the bride’s final fitting with her seamstress. My bridal sessions last for two hours.

Bridal sessions can be located at the couple's venue or, more commonly, in a different location to get a change of scenery. One good thing to ask yourself is if you are okay with wearing your dress in the grass or outdoors at all? While I will always prefer outdoors and always recommend a natural light session this is ultimately the bride's choice.

This type of session is really nice to get a ton of beautiful portraits of yourself in a once in a lifetime dress while you’re nice and relaxed and having fun. It’s also so nice to have additional “practice” in front of the camera if you typically feel nervous having your pictures taken.

If you’re thinking about booking a bridal session I absolutely recommend it! You deserve to wear that beautiful dress more than once! On top of that, bridal session photos can be displayed at your wedding and be given as gifts to your loved ones they will definitely cherish.

I hope this article clears up this type of photography session and maybe makes you consider scheduling one for yourself! Don’t forget to talk to your photographer about their thoughts about bridal sessions as well!


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