What to bring to your Bridal session

What to bring to your bridal session?

There’s so much to think about while you’re planning your bridal session so today I’m sharing three things I recommend every bride brings to their session!

  1. Bring a bouquet.

Not only is this something extra your hands can do during the shoot but I truly believe your bouquet is just as important as your dress. It is the ultimate accessory to your bridal look! I always recommend real flowers as well unless you are allergic. This is a great time to do a test run of your bridal bouquet on your wedding day so you’re absolutely positive you and your florist have the same idea in mind when it comes to your bouquet!

  1. Bring an extra pair of shoes.

If your shoes are hard to walk in or you want to keep them in pristine condition consider bringing an extra pair to walk in so your wedding shoes aren’t scuffed on your wedding day.

  1. Bring your Maid of Honor!

It’s so nice to have a friend help with your wedding train and it’s so much fun when your best friend is there! I think bridal sessions are so much easier when there is an extra pair of hands to help out. Wedding dresses sometimes need assistance getting in and out of so definitely keep that in mind.

My goal is to make every session as comfortable and fun as possible so it was super important to compile a short list of helpful tips for brides! I hope this helps brides feel like they are ready to rock their session and take some amazing photos!


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